DCP is an acronym for Digital Cinema Package and is the global standard for cinema. DCP is the successor of the analogue 35mm print, and since 2012 all cinemas world wide are digitized and ready to show DCP. To exhibit a movie in a cinema it must be converted to DCP.

DCP creation

Green DCP offers DCP conversion for a reasonable price aiming at:

  • film festivals,
  • art house cinemas,
  • independent filmmakers,
  • students,
  • and everyone who wants to exhibit his movie, animation, trailer, or logo in a cinema.

Our business is run on an eco-friendly base which is why we are named Green DCP. The DCPs are created using only sustainable energy generated from sun, wind and water. We try to reuse or recycle packaging as much as possible. And we prefer a plant-based diet for lunch. 😉

The DCPs are made to comply with the strict standards of the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) and are delivered in SMPTE compliant format. DCPs from Green DCP can be recognized by the ISDCF facility code ‘GRN’.

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